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CD albums

I spend most of my time on CD albums where, working together with the client, our attention and focus is on the musical and creative side of their production, drawing out the best we can from the songs, vocalists, musicians and resources available.

As a producer my role is to offer my production and recording experience, musical skills and technical facilities to my clients, enabling them to share their music through a CD which is completed on time and within the agreed budget.

A producer needs to have a good understanding of all aspects of the recording and production process and they usually have their own particular specialities.

Mine are: Backing Tracks - Recording Vocals - Mixing & Mastering


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A typical album project involving a singer/songwriter will usually involve most of the following stages:

*the initial meeting to discuss possibilities and costs  *basic demo of short listed songs *exploring ideas for musical arrangements and backing tracks  *creating the backing tracks *guide vocal session to check out b/tracks and help prepare vocalists for their main vocal sessions  *provide a rehearsal CD with backing tracks for vocalists  *main vocal sessions;  usually recording 2 or 3 songs per session  *recording any additional instruments or backing vocals  *mixing down & mastering the finished songs  *preparation of CD production master  *artwork design  *duplication & printing  *assembly and delivery of finished CD’s ready for sale or distribution.