Christian Recording Studio


Current Clients

I am currently working with Les Collinson, Christine Dawson, John Easson, Andy Kay,

Derek Monk and John Whittle all of whom are recording their first albums along with

Martin Dawson & Michael Ramplin who are recording their 3rd & 5th albums with me.

Some past clients include:

Assemblies Of God, Ayrton Family and Friends (2), Jim Bailey,

Barnoldswick Christian Fellowship (3), Rachael Barr, Tracey Beech, Beyond Jordan,

Dave Bilborough, Tony Bird (2), Nick & Elaine Blythe, Lewis Boulton (2),

Laura Boustead, Branches, Sheila Brawn, Paul Brittain (3), Dave Burtenshaw,

Nigel Coatsworth, CCB (2),  George Collins, Alan & Targe Cooper, Cornerstone Ministries (4),

John Coupland, Covenant Ministries (3), Barry Crompton, Lynn Cronin, Crossroads,

Ron Davies, Martin Dawson (2), Direction,  Joe Ditch (2), Sheila Donovan, Jim Dunn (2),

Peter Earle,  Ellel Ministries (10), Elim Organisation (5), Emmaus, Dave Evans, Dinah Facius,

Faith Group (3), Fisherfolk (5), Ian Frost (3), Peter & Diane Fung (2), Ken Gnanaken,
John Gaughn, Gospel Sound, Phil Gough, David & Maria Guidera, Kesh Govan, Rick Gregory,

David J Hadden, George Hamilton IV, Jeff Hankins, Peter Hardy, Deborah Harris,

Harvestime Services (15), Robin & Julie Hawkins (2), Inspiration, Jesus Cares, Keith Heys, Kingsway Music (25), Phil Holburt, John de Jong, Arjan & Effie Knievil, Kingdom Come,

Charlie Landsborough, Leicester Christian F/Ship (2), Leicester Christian Praise (2),

Phil Lewis, Phil Lewthwaite, Living Sound, Living Stones (2), Ron Lowton, Iain May,
Meet Jesus Music, John Menlove, Tony Mettrick,
Chris Milner (2), Pat Moss (5),

Jim Musgrove, Rob Newey, Neville Norcross (2), Ros Oswald, Phil Overton (7), Linda Owen (5),

Becky Page, John Pantry, Pensa Sound, Tim Platt, Pip 'n Jay Singers, Shirley Potts (2),

Anne Price, Michael J Ramplin (4), Redeeming Love (2), Paul Reid (2), Keith Routledge,

Godfrey Rust, Geoff Shattock, Ruth Shepherd, Southampton Community Church (2),

Paul Stokes, Julius Sulee, Stephen Taylor, The Reapers, The Shacklebreakers (2),

Aston Thomas (2), Geoff Twigg, Joe Walters (2), Stephen Ward, Warrior, Isobel Waspe,

Russ Westfield, Steve Wheeler, Dave Williams, Sue Witts (2), Word Records, Alan & Sue Young (2).

(The figures in brackets are the numbers of projects if more than one)

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