Christian Recording Studio


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The way I go about recording Christian music is unusual because I approach it more as a ministry, not just a business. This gives me the flexibility to offer options which you wouldn’t normally get from a purely commercial recording studio.

The CD’s are usually sold by my clients to recover their recording costs so there is a business element involved, but it’s in the background, where it belongs.

An important point to make here is that every project is unique and, for that reason, providing a ‘price list’ is difficult to do.

As a general guide, costs range from £30 for a simple demo session to £150 - £3000 for  a ready-for-sale super demo, mini CD or CD album.

There are so many variations/options available that I’ve found the best starting point for everyone concerned is to get together for an informal chat without charge or obligation.

That may not seem to be a very business like way of doing things, but a face-to-face meeting is the best way of enabling you to tell me what you are looking for and for me to  explain the options available and their likely cost.

It’s not unusual to meet someone who has potential with good songs, a sense of calling and a genuine desire to use their gifts and talents, but they’re not sure how to move forward and their lack of funds seems to rule out the possibility of recording.

If that describes your circumstances I can help in various ways which could include sponsorship, a joint project or other options - please contact me for further details.

If finance is not a major concern, that’s great. There are a number of ways we can arrange payment and you can choose which would be best for you.