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 A ‘demo’, short for demonstration, is a simple but good recording of a song which is not usually intended for release or distribution. Demos are recognised in the music industry as the accepted way to demonstrate both songs and/or the singers/writers talents to other artists, publishers, record companies, producers and studios. They often prove to be a stepping stone towards publishing and recording opportunities.

Demo’s also provide an effective way for songwriters to establish copyright in their song/s.


A ‘basic demo’ session is usually the first step in most recording projects and does not need to be word, note or pitch perfect! The only people who will hear it are the client and producer. Demos provide a good ‘sketch’ of each song on the projects ‘short list’ and are a starting point for selecting which songs to use and discussing musical ideas and options in the early stages of a project.


A ‘super demo’ is a step up from a normal ‘demo’ with more time and attention given to the process of arranging, recording, mixing and mastering the song/s. The end product provides a more professional version of the song/s for other artists, publishers, record companies, producers and studios to listen to.

A ‘super demo’ could be presented/packaged in a variety of ways and be suitable for sale or distribution on a local basis. Virtually everyone has a unique personal market place comprising of local churches and their family, friends and personal contacts.

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