Christian Recording Studio



There was a time when ‘studio’ photos would feature large analogue mixers & tape machines, racks full of equipment and enormous wall mounted speakers.

Today’s digital studio is much more compact, built around high spec computers, DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations), control surfaces and hard drives.

Hidden from view in the main photo on the home page is a custom built PC running an 8 core processor with 3 x 1 terabyte hard drives and able to support four monitor screens to display everything that needs to be seen.

For digital recording and midi sequencing I use Sonar Producer, a professional  DAW linked to Sonar’s VS-700R digital audio interface.

Sonar comes with more than 150 software based plug-ins for audio processing plus 20 software synthesizers and samplers with extended libraries.     

I also have a comprehensive collection of ‘third party’ industry-standard audio software installed for recording, mixing, song mastering and CD mastering.

The above is complemented by:

Professional near field monitor speakers, good microphones and pre-amps, a fold back system for musicians and singers including talk back to headphones, various CD, Cassette and DAT machines plus a collection of miscellaneous but useful studio gear and more leads and cables than I will ever need!

There are often various instruments available for use depending on what’s around at the time - they come and go on a regular basis!

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