Christian Recording Studio



A typical production is a ‘CD album’ of 10 - 15 songs, usually featuring a singer/songwriter or worship leader but sometimes solo vocalists, composers, groups, choirs or live events.

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Apart from ‘CD albums’, there are various other options to choose from starting with simple demos -  which are not intended for distribution or super demos which can be distributed.

Another option are Mini CD’s, featuring 1-6 songs, produced and recorded to ‘CD Album’ standards but packaged in a simpler way to reduce costs and, the final selling price.

Recording schedules are planned around the clients requirements and availability. Some people book one session a week, others prefer block booking for several days or a week at a time and one current client comes for a few days in their children’s school holidays.  

Charges are based on studio time used at an agreed hourly rate and sessions booked from 10am-4pm seem to be the most popular which, allowing for coffee and a lunch break, usually means a session of about 5 chargeable hours.

Clients don’t always have to be present, especially when I am working on backing tracks or setting up final mixes, both of which will require their approval. On an average project the client needs to be present for about 35 - 50% of the time but is welcome to be involved in the full process if they want to be.

I also provide an in-house CD duplication service which includes the design and printing of suitable inserts and tray liners for our own label CD’s which are supplied with on-body printing and good quality jewel cases. Courier delivery can be arranged.

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