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I work with many singer-songwriters who don’t have a band or musicians to record with. Their songs need suitable musical backing and I enjoy making backing tracks in a wide variety of styles using a combination of software and musicians as appropriate.

As a singer/songwriter and musician I understand the importance of backing tracks that really suit the songs and have many examples available.


I like to involve vocalists in the creation of their backing tracks to make sure they are comfortable with the arrangement, musical style, tempo and key of each song. This provides them with an opportunity to try out their backing tracks and gives me an chance to offer some vocal coaching if required. This process helps them get comfortable with the tracks and build up confidence in the vocal booth before the main vocal sessions.


Once the recording process is finished comes the ‘mixdown’. This requires a good pair of speakers, a good pair of ears and a lot of experience. During this process I have over 150 audio tools and digital effects available to enhance the individual instruments and voices to create the best possible final mix of the song.

Mastering refers to the very last stage of the mixing process which adds the final polish, sparkle and finish to each song. It also refers to the process of creating a CD duplication or replication master of a selection of songs in the desired order with appropriate gaps and playback volume levels.

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