Christian Recording Studio


Recording costs are time related  - here are some cost saving tips:

A well planned project saves studio time

Complicated or ambitious musical arrangements use more studio time

Well rehearsed vocalists/musicians need less studio time than unrehearsed ones

Clearly written or printed words with chords for each song are always helpful

Guitars sound best with fresh strings - fitted the day before - and bring a spare set!

A 12 song CD will cost 20% more to record than a 10 song CD but sells for the same price!

Vocalists: Avoid chocolate, cream cakes, sweets or any throat/voice sweets when recording because they coat your vocal chords and cover your voice - a bottle of acidic fruit juice which stimulates the saliva glands is better than water

Don’t think about recording vocals if you have a cold, cough, sore throat or wheezy chest!

Your voice is quite fragile and needs to be fresh for your vocals so look after it before a vocal session - avoid long conversations the night before or on the way to the studio!

To be avoided - late night & long recording sessions:

 Voices get tired, concentration and objectivity suffer and our ability to judge pitch and intonation becomes impaired. Very few people have perfect pitch. Everyone else uses relative pitch, an intuitive process where we pitch our voice or instrument against another sound. In very long or late night sessions our ability to pitch accurately suffers but we aren’t aware of it - until the next day when we listen back to what we have done!

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