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Hi – my name is Brook Trickett. I am an independent Christian producer with a well equipped home-based digital recording studio. I have over 30 years’ experience of producing and recording contemporary Christian music, working with singer-songwriters, worship leaders, soloists, composers, groups, choirs, churches and publishers based in the UK.

I might be stating the obvious, but a recording project is a big step into the unknown for anyone who has not done it before.

I frequently work with people who are recording for the first time and I can provide all the help that you need – and, if you check out the clients tab, you will see that many of my customers have returned as their ministry has developed and matured.

Before taking on a new project, I like to meet people on an informal basis to find out what they’re looking for and to explain to them the options available. Together, we can discuss what might suit them, the best way to go about it, the likely cost, and the financial options that are available.

This usually takes the form of a relaxed get-together. The coffee, tea and biscuits are free and I won’t be expecting an instant decision before they leave!

which might take two or three hours and is without any charge or obligation either way.

If you check out the history tab you will see that I am in a good position to offer informed and unbiased advice to anyone interested in taking their music further but who is unsure of what’s involved in copyrighting, publishing, producing, recording or distributing their music.

To view the range of recording services that I offer, check out the recording tab.

If finance is a concern to you (or even if it isn’t!), check out the costs tab.

To contact me, click here.

If you are based anywhere in UK and have ever thought about the possibility of publishing or recording your songs - I can probably help you.