Hi – I'm an independent Christian producer with many years’ experience of recording  Christian music in a wide variety of styles and with clients from their 20's - 80's! 

As a producer my role is to offer that experience to my clients, enabling them to record and share their music through streaming websites, online sales and CD's. 

Currently I'm focused on working with singers,  songwriters and home studio owners. Some are local but most come from various parts of the UK ~ check out the Clients page for more info.

I've always had my own studio originally starting with a home based 8 track analogue setup in Kent and progressing to a 24 track analogue studio in Bolton town centre, Lancashire. I eventually went fully digital in 2007 and these days I have a relaxed and well equipped home based digital studio using a high spec custom built PC, multiple screens and an extensive collection of up to date professional software to replace the multiple equipment racks of yesteryear.

I frequently work with people who are new to recording and I can provide all the help that you need. 

Usually the first question that I'm asked is 'How much will it cost ?' It's not an easy question to answer because of all the variables involved - it's a bit like asking 'How long is a piece of string?'

The best starting point is a general chat to help me find out what you are looking for.  I can explain the options that  might suit you, what's involved in the process and the likely cost. That sort of chat might take a bit of time but there are not any fees/charges involved and it will not place you under any obligation.

Hopefully you will find that I am in a good position to offer informed and unbiased advice to anyone interested in taking their Christian music further but who is unsure of what’s involved.