As an independent producer/engineer I’ve been responsible for over 350 studio-based and 50 live Christian albums in most musical styles and formats. 

In the early days I did a lot of work for Christian publishers and record labels and was involved in many worship orientated recording projects including Kingsway's ‘Songs Of Fellowship’ series.

That ‘season’ proved to be a great learning experience. Apart from worship albums there were also many albums with solo artists and groups which, in those days, were primarily distributed through Christian bookshops. 

During that time I noticed that it was not easy for someone to get a recording contract and I came to realise that these opportunities were not just related to musical gifting and spiritual calling but also to business and commercial  interests. Someone with a full diary and good opportunities to sell albums would usually get a contract - most others wouldn't.

As an alternative to the ‘recording contract’ approach to sharing Christian music I introduced a ‘custom production’ service which was specifically geared towards private clients, usually solo singer-songwriters or church based groups. These recording packages were scaled to their individual circumstances and the local opportunities open for them to share their music. 

This met a real need. Some projects were just a day or two in the studio with a small product run; others were more ambitious. Gradually this became my main activity and led to a change of focus from just providing a studio facility to also providing records and cassettes for sale or distribution.

Those modest projects proved to be the catalyst or starting point for many people and some of their songs have literally travelled around the world!

Looking back, that change of emphasis proved to be pivotal and since then my involvement in recording and producing Christian music has leaned more towards  the 'grassroots' rather than established artists or ministries.

Recording technology and the way we share and listen to music has significantly changed but Christian singers, song-writers and musicians still need help and encouragement to share their songs and their ministry.  

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