David from Kilmaurs, Scotland.  An online three CD project with David who is a singer/songwriter in his 60's with a home studio using Logic on an iMac. He provides me with guitar & vocal demos of his songs, I create suitable original backing tracks which he downloads into Logic and then records his own vocals. He sends me his vocal files which I import into our system, add solo instruments as appropriate and then mix and master the songs. We keep in regular contact during the process to discuss ideas and review progress. CD's 1 & 2 are finished and CD3 is work in progress.

Phil & Estelle from Steeple Claydon, Bucks. A two CD project with Phil & Estelle who are a husband and wife duo with Phil playing guitar & both of them sharing the vocals. CD1 was a studio based recording and was finished before Covid. We started CD2 in the studio creating backing tracks to which we added all of Phil's rhythm guitar parts and their combined vocals. That was all done just before the first Covid lockdown leaving Phil's lead guitar parts (electric & acoustic) to be done. To continue the project during 'lockdown' Phil bought a Tascam Model 24 mixer/recorder and we transferred everything recorded in the studio to the Tascam and then Phil set about recording his lead guitar parts at home. There was a bit of a learning curve but he successfully recorded all of his guitar parts and some extra vocals and sent the files to me which I imported into our system. I'm currently in the process of mixing and mastering the songs and will then prepare a CD Production Master for them.

Robin from Spain. Robin & I recorded two albums together many years ago and he recently got in touch with me about the possibility of recording some of his more recent songs. He currently pastors a church in southern Spain so the only option was an online project with us providing backing tracks and Robin recording his guitar and vocal parts himself. He bought a Tascam Model 12 mixer/recorder plus some other bits and pieces and, after a some trial runs for him to become familiar with the Tascam, we have started recording. So far we have completed 3 songs with 7 to.

Roseanne from Aberdeen. Roseanne is a guitar playing singer songwriter with opportunities to share her songs locally and she has often been asked for recordings of her songs. She contacted me a few months ago and the combination of distance and Covid issues steered us towards considering an online project. Roseanne's husband was keen to be involved on the technical side of things and we discussed the options of either setting up a home recording package on a PC or using a Tascam recorder/mixer. For various reasons we settled on the Tascam approach, the necessary equipment has been bought and we are making good progress with several songs well on the way to completion.

Christine from Northampton. An online project creating a compilation CD of songs from 2 CD's we recorded several years ago. Our mastering software has been significantly upgraded since then so we took advantage of that and also created new artwork for the CD. Christine recently received her first delivery of the new CD's. 

Elize from Congleton. Elize is a keyboard playing singer songwriter who has been recording her songs at home using a laptop and Audacity recording software. We originally met when she asked me to do some mastering for her and was interested in how she could improve the quality of her recordings. I was able to offer some advice on how she could upgrade her recording software and also improve the quality of her vocal recordings by using a more suitable microphone. We've recently started collaboration on a new project and the quality of her recordings is much improved. 

Home Studios. I'm often involved with clients who have their own home studio but need help with putting a good finish to their projects. That might involve advice on their equipment or on their recording process but the most common request is for professional mastering and preparing their songs for CD's or streaming services.


Some historical clients include: (The figures in brackets are the numbers of projects if more than one)
Assemblies Of God, Ayrton Family and Friends (3)Jim Bailey, Barnoldswick Christian Fellowship (3), Rachael Barr, Tracey Beech, Beyond Jordan, Dave Bilborough, Tony Bird (2), Nick & Elaine Blythe, Lewis Boulton (2), Laura Boustead, Branches, Sheila Brawn, Paul Brittain (3), Dave Burtenshaw, Nigel Coatsworth, CCB (2),  George Collins, Alan & Targe Cooper, Cornerstone Ministries (4), John Coupland, Covenant Ministries (3), Barry Crompton, Lynn Cronin, Crossroads, Ron Davies, Martin Dawson (2), Direction,  Joe Ditch (2), Sheila Donovan, Jim Dunn (2), Peter Earle,  Ellel Ministries (10)Elim Organisation (5), Emmaus, Dave Evans, Dinah Facius, Faith Group (3), Fisherfolk (5), Ian Frost (3), Peter & Diane Fung (2), Ken Gnanaken, John Gaughn, Gospel Sound, Phil Gough, David & Maria Guidera, Kesh Govan, Rick Gregory, David J HaddenGeorge Hamilton IV, Jeff Hankins, Peter Hardy, Deborah Harris, Harvestime Services (15), Robin & Julie Hawkins (2), Inspiration, Jesus Cares, Keith Heys, Kingsway Music (25), Phil Holburt, John de Jong, Arjan & Effie Knievil, Kingdom Come, Charlie Landsborough, Chris & Von Laughlin, Leicester Christian F/Ship (2), Leicester Christian Praise (2), Phil Lewis, Phil Lewthwaite, Living Sound, Living Stones (2), Ron Lowton, Iain May, Meet Jesus Music, John Menlove, Tony Mettrick, Chris Milner (2), Pat Moss (3), Jim Musgrove, Rob Newey, Neville Norcross (2), Ros Oswald, Phil Overton (7), Linda Owen (5), Becky Page, John Pantry, Pensa Sound, Tim Platt, Pip & Jay, Shirley Potts, Anne Price, Michael J Ramplin (4), Redeeming Love (2), Margery Redfern, Paul Reid (2), Keith Routledge, Godfrey Rust, Geoff Shattock, Ruth Shepherd, Southampton Community Church (2), Paul Stokes, Julius Sulee, Stephen Taylor, The Reapers, The Shacklebreakers (2), Aston Thomas (2), Geoff Twigg, Joe Walters (2), Stephen Ward, Warrior, Isobel Waspe, Russ Westfield, Steve Wheeler, Dave Williams, Sue Witts (2), Word Records, Alan & Sue Young (2).