Our Online services are available to English speaking clients with internet access and a home recording setup using either a desktop, laptop or tablet with an appropriate audio interface, microphone and headphones.

A typical online recording project is either to record songs for online streaming and sales and/or to create a CD album. From experience presenting songs online seems to work best when they are presented in a CD format and available as individual tracks or a complete album.

A typical project will usually start with an informal chat to discuss your ideas and if that leads to us working together charges are based on studio time used at an agreed hourly rate.

This is how we go about recording a song:

* You send us a 'demo' of the song with lyrics/chords. The demo does not need to be perfect and could even be  recorded on a phone. You give us an idea of the sort of musical style you have in mind and, if possible, a title of something similar we can find online.

* We create a backing track for your song and send it to you in .mp3 format attached to an email.

* We discuss the backing track and we can easily adjust the style, tempo, key, and musical arrangement to suit you.

* When you're happy with the backing track you load it into into your recording setup and record your vocals. This might just be one vocal track or several tracks for us to compile into one track. You could also record harmony vocals or instrumental tracks.

*  You send us the tracks you've recorded using and we load them into our Digital Audio Workstation. From that point we can mixdown and master your song adding effects and even other instruments as required.

* We send the finished song back to you in either .mp3 or .wav format and once again we review the song and can easily adjust the mix to the point where you are satisfied.

* One song completed!

We can also supply technical support throughout the process from advising on the purchase of suitable equipment to advice on setting it up and using it.