The way I go about recording Christian music is unusual because I approach it more as a ministry, not just as a business. This gives me the flexibility to offer options which you wouldn’t normally get from a purely commercial recording studio.

Almost every enquiry starts with the question 'How much does it cost?' I appreciate that seems an obvious question to ask but it's a difficult one to answer. Every project is unique and, for that reason, it's not possible to provide a price list.

The best starting point is a general chat to help me find out what you are looking for.  I can explain the options that  might suit you, what's involved in the process and the likely cost. That sort of chat might take a bit of time but there are not any fees/charges involved and it will not place you under any obligation. 

It’s not unusual to hear from someone who has potential with good songs, a sense of calling and a genuine desire to use their gifts and talents, but they’re not sure of how to move forward and what the financial implications might be.

If that describes your circumstances let me encourage you to give me a call. All things are possible with God and my own unexpected journey in recording Christian music started with a simple phone call!

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