A typical Studio project is either to record songs for online streaming and sales and/or to create a CD album.

From experience presenting songs online seems to work best when they are presented in a CD format and available as individual tracks or a complete album.

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Recording schedules are planned around the clients requirements and availability. Some people book one session a week, others prefer block booking for several days or a week at a time and some simply arrange their sessions to fit in with their day to day family and work routine.  

Charges are based on studio time used at an agreed hourly rate and sessions booked from 10am-4pm seem to be the most popular which, allowing for coffee and lunch breaks, usually means a session of about 4 - 5 chargeable hours.

As a producer I approach every project as a collaboration between myself and my client but they don’t always have to be present, especially when I am creating backing tracks, recording additional instruments or preparing final mixes. On average the client is usually present for 50% of the time and I keep them well informed concerning progress. 

A typical project will usually start with an informal chat to discuss your ideas and if that leads to us working together this is how we go about recording a song:

* We start with a 'demo' of the song with a lyrics/chord sheet. The demo does not need to be perfect and could even be recorded on your phone or recorded in our studio. You give us an idea of the sort of musical style you have in mind for the song and, if possible, a title of something similar we can find online.

* We create a suitable backing track for your song which we discuss and edit to suit you. We can easily adjust the style, tempo, key, and musical arrangement until we have something you are happy with and works for you.

* We arrange a session to record your vocals and also discuss any ideas we may have about any extra instruments. 

* Once all the recording is completed I create a trial mix of the song (including mastering) for us to review and adjust until you are happy with it.

* One song completed!